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We are laser-focused on your wealth management needs. 

Our team will help you stay the course with a strong financial plan and will strategically manage your investments to help your achieve your most important goals. 


Some of areas in which we also specialize include:

  • Retirement
  • Estate
  • Portfolio
  • Charitable
  • Special Needs
    Financial Planning
  • Life
  • Liability
  • Legacy

The majority of our clients seek advice and assistance on Retirement Planning. Our services include social security optimization strategies, retirement cash flows to show if and when to retire, and what-if scenarios to show whether they should take a monthly pension or a lump sum. We also offer robust services for business clients with their retirement plans.

Here are just a few examples of how we help our clients:

Strategic Investment

Financial Planning

We helped a newly divorced client who was under age 59 ½ access significant retirement money without facing the 10% early withdrawal penalty tax.

We helped a husband develop a plan to cover nursing home expenses for his wife who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

We helped a company restructure its retirement plan to better attract and retain top talent.

We helped a non-profit adopt socially responsible investment strategies to make sure that their investment portfolio better aligned with their core values.

Investment Management

The various strategies we deploy are always based on the client’s individual situation. Where appropriate we invest in low cost, tax efficient index ETFs as the core part of a portfolio. We also invest in actively managed funds or individual small cap or international stocks to add alpha to a portfolio.

When clients need permanence and definition in their portfolios, we use short and intermediate term bond ladders. We create bond ladders for clients who need to cover known expenses, such as annual lifestyle expenses in retirement and college tuition bills.

For tax sensitive clients, we actively harvest tax losses for clients to offset gains. We monitor mutual fund capital gains distribution announcements, so clients aren’t surprised by a big capital gains tax bill in the new year. In some cases, we use tax efficient investments including index ETFs and tax-free municipal bonds.

We develop charitable giving strategies not only to help manage a client’s taxation situation but to fulfill the client’s philanthropic wishes as well.

Strategic Investment Management

To help clients maximize the probability of their success, we focus on asset location as well as asset allocation. For example, we place a client’s conservative income investments in a joint account, their moderate total return investments in a traditional IRA, and their aggressive growth investments in a Roth IRA. This creative location strategy is important because we match time horizon and risk tolerance by account to maximize probability of success for client.

We help many clients to use socially responsible investing strategies to help their portfolio better align with their core values. Depending on the clients’ interests, we will find ESG (environment, social and governance) investments that most closely align with their values. After one client heard our recommendation of an ESG investment, she said “now you’re speaking to my heart.”