Ken Vincent

Chair, Investment Committee

For more than four decades, Ken Vincent advised clients through significant market downturns as well as historic bull runs. He is a true stock market pro, with a deep knowledge and appreciation for how equity investing can serve an investor well.

For the majority of his career, Ken worked at Merrill Lynch, where, from 2013 to 2018, he worked alongside Lars Olson and Manoj Sharma. As a senior member of the Olson Vincent Sharma Group, Ken focused on advising clients on investment management solutions.

Although Ken retired in 2018, he has continued to research individual stocks for enjoyment and for his own investment account. Equity investing is his passion, and he believes buying individual stocks is a lost art.

In February 2021, Ken rejoined the team at newly independent Alluvial. He chairs the firm’s investment advisory board, sharing his insights and expectations about market movements, economic indicators, and favorability of sectors. His passion is contagious, and Alluvial’s clients benefit from Ken’s contribution to the firm.

Ken is married to Sandy.  Ken is an avid golfer and has two children and three wonderful grandchildren.