Brooke Olson

Human Resources Director

Married to founder Lars Olson, Brooke Olson has been instrumental in the creation of Alluvial Private Wealth as an independent firm. She has also been a tireless advocate for special needs families for more than 10 years. She co-founded the ITAALK Autism Foundation in 2010 and remains president of the charity today. ITAALK stands for Interactive Technology Assisting Autistic Little Kids, and the charity has granted hundreds of iPads and communication devices to individuals with autism. Prioritizing the organization’s focus on education, Brooke has personally helped educate thousands of parents, teachers and professionals on best practices in the use of assistive technology for individuals with autism.

In 2017, Brooke was selected as #3 of the “30 Most Innovative People in Autism Spectrum Disorder Research.” Brooke is also a winner of the Marion Forge small business plan competition on the non-profit plans for her business Ability Vending. Ability Vending is a microbusiness idea intended to deal with the 80% unemployment rate for adults with autism, and in the process, help those with autism gain the identity and confidence which comes from meaningful employment.

Brooke earned a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management and has previously worked in the fields of business development and HR consulting.

Brooke and Lars have three children – Lena, Amick and Thoren. Amick has autism and has inspired Brooke’s advocacy for individuals with autism.

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